L.O.C.A.L.S. 2018 Annual Summer Pottery Sale

Days before the big event posters go up.

is a group of Louisville potters who have come together since the 80′s to support each other and to present two ceramic sales events each year. The Summer Pottery Sale took place on July 7th this year. The Holiday Sale is held on the weekend following Thanksgiving. You can find detailed information on LouisvillePotters.org.

For the clay enthusiast there is a lot to like about this group of potters. Take a look at their website to find links to individual artists. Exhibitors at this year’s Summer Sale were: Jennie DiBeneditto; Amy Elswick, Wayne Ferguson; Suzy Hatcher; Mike Imes; Tonya Johnson; Laura George Lynch; and JD Schall. Guest artists were: Alex Adams; Leah Combs; Les Freeman; and Janet Tobler.
Exhibiting artists 2018 Summer Pottery Sale

L.O.C.A.L.S. (Living On Clay and Louisville Soil) began in the early 80’s when Sarah Frederick invited artists to join a Holiday Sale at her home; followed by a summer “seconds” sale. These well-attended sales events provided opportunities for clay artists for many years.

Sarah continues to be a strong, positive presence in the Louisville clay community.

If you were at this year’s Summer Sale you would have heard comments from exhibitors like: “The customers were happy and interested in my work.” “Sales were very brisk.” From consumers you could hear these comments: “What a fun and easy way to spend the day.” “The variety of items and quality of pottery are what I’ve come to expect.” The weather under the Masonic Home shade trees was spectacular.

Enjoy scrolling through a few of the exhibiting members and guests of L.O.C.A.L.S.

J.D. Schall: jdShallstudio.com


Wayne Ferguson: claydude65@gmail.com


Suzy Hatcher: suzyhatcherpottery.com


Les Greeman: broadwayclay.net


Jennie DiBeneditto: studiodibeneditto.com


Mike Imes: imesclay.com


Leah Combs: leahcombspottery.com


Alex Adams: aaclay.com

Why not mark your calendar today with next fall and summer sale dates. The Holiday Sale will be held at Melwood Art Center on the Saturday following Thanksgiving. The Summer Pottery Sale will be held at Masonic Home on the Saturday closest to the July 4th weekend. louisvillepotters.org
See you there!

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